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Hooray, we are online and in the final preparations.

The rough route is fixed, but is still flexible according to the meeting dates and possibilities.

We are very happy about our stickers. What a great designer. Merci!

Here are our stickers for Micki. This will be THE challenge for tomorrow.

Will we get them neatly on the van?

We are really looking forward to it and a bit excited.

We are becoming more and more aware of what a fine journey lies ahead of us.

Tomorrow morning we go to the vet. Basic check and check all preparations for all country borders. Proper passport, rabies vaccination...

For some countries there are still specialities, but more about that later.

In any case, finding out the import regulations for Pepper into the different countries was very complicated!

The border crossings will remain exciting.

All in all, we still have some work to do. Shopping, packing, putting things away and setting up Micki.

We are getting ready for our coldest tour.

We are very excited.

Glad to have you with us!!!



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