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I am Pepper. I was born in Romania on September 10, four years ago.

There I lived with my mother Lucy on the street. Street dogs are often killed there.

We were lucky and were caught by kind people. Then we lived for a while with a lot of dogs in huge kennels. It was not always easy. People did everything possible to find a new home for us.

First my mother found a new home in Germany. Because I was so young and then so alone with all the dogs in the big kennels, the people organized a host family for me in Germany. They were very nice and after some time I felt very comfortable there in the pack. My buddies taught me a lot of things. However, I was still very afraid of people, especially men dressed in black. Fast movements, loud talking/shouting/noise made me scared. Very bad for me was confinement or when many things happened at the same time. Unfortunately, I could not stay there forever because the pack already consisted of so many dogs, horses and people.

On 26.12.2019 Tina fetched me to Berlin/Brandenburg. That was also another long car ride and stress - again a new environment and new people.

But Tina was very calm and careful with me, she gave me a lot of time and security.

After a while I felt very comfortable there and was allowed to go everywhere with Tina.

We scoured all of Brandenburg and in Berlin I got to know all the psychosocial care. I was even allowed to go to the town hall, the social welfare office and the clinic in Spandau. But now I don't really care where I am, as long as I'm with Tina.

I also stay alone, but it is nicer at Tina's side.

I'm doing great now. Sometimes I am still a little scared and jumpy.

There are good days and worse days. I also think that not everyone has to touch me. If I do not want, then I do not want.

Recently I moved with my mistress to the Rhineland. There I live in paradise.

I am part of a big pack and have already found friends with two and four legs. We live in a house with a big garden. There I can run around freely, play and dig.

If it goes now again on journeys, then I look forward to the large fjords and the cuddle time in the Bulli Micki.

I am very curious if there are dogs in clinics and institutions in the north.


My name is Tina Lindemann. Several years ago I discovered in a pub the saying:

"Survival was not enough for her - she wanted to live". It was immediately mine. In the following years I tried to live and act according to it. Whenever I noticed that I felt I was in survival mode, I looked for the reason and changed that as quickly as possible. This didn't necessarily mean that life became easier or simpler right away. But after a correction, my life always became more meaningful and vibrant. This is still the case today.

I studied religious education in Paderborn and then worked in the Aachen diocese for three years in the parish and school. At that time the diocese was facing bankruptcy and the temporary employment contracts were not extended.

I went to Israel on my own and worked there for three quarters of a year with people who had mental and spiritual impairments. It was during this time that my wanderlust and interest in other cultures and religions began. I traveled through Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

After that I came back to Germany, worked in the field of psychiatry/ psychosocial care and continued to travel to foreign countries. The most beautiful travel experience to date was

three weeks on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing with five days in the Gobi Desert. Perhaps rather difficult to imagine in today's world.

After 17 years of working in this field, I decided even before the pandemic that I would like to let my current management contract expire at the end of June 2022. Other areas of life and focus were already coming to the fore at that time and wanted to be lived. A change of life circumstances was imminent.

I had previously worked in all positions in the most diverse forms of offers and facilities in different federal states.

Working together and meeting peers (users/experiencers) and relatives over all these years changed my perspective and raised many questions in me.

For me this journey is a reverberation of what I have experienced over the last years.

Giving space to that, while we roll over long roads with dreamlike landscape.

At the same time I am looking forward to new countries and encounters. I am curious to see what the journey will bring in terms of new knowledge and insights.

This trip and the encounters should also contribute to a basis for a research project of mine.

Those interested in my complete resume can find it on LinkedIn.

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I am Micki and a T3 camper or also called Bulli. Since 2015 I traveled first with Tina and the cat Werther Levi von Finkelstein the most different countries and since two years Pepper is with me, after Werther left Tina.

I am a proud old-timer from 1989.

I haven't had my name for long. It goes back to a former colleague of Tina. She loved light blue. Unfortunately she is no longer alive.

Der Bulli "Micki"
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