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The Land of Selma Lagerlöf and Astrid Lindgren I

When we started in Malmö, the sun was high in the sky again.

Our first destination was Lund. A wonderful little town.

For me, the Swedish Oxford.

Fine little streets with cafés and a great botanical garden.

Unfortunately, Pepper was not allowed anywhere, and so we just walked or drove past. But we could also see the splendor from outside.

Then we continued through the countryside.

Wide fields, large meadows and small, charming houses. Bullerbü everywhere.

Astrid sends her regards and her books roll along.

We could have stopped for a photo at every house and every fork in the road.

The south of Sweden, Skane.

As we drove through the country like this, it also reminded me of Brandenburg. My old home. Sandy soils, pine trees and endless roads through vast countryside.

Tamara Ramsay and her stories came to mind:

"The Wonderful Journeys and Adventures of Little Dott".

I found these books back then while researching Brandenburg and learned to love them. They tell the history of Brandenburg and the surrounding area. But they also deal with many personal themes with little Dott, just like Nils Holgerson. The relationship to animals and nature.

Selma Lagerlöf was her inspiration at the time.

Great travel books.

So now we are in the land of the Nils. Childhood travels with us and its stories.

In the sky again and again wild geese gather, cackle and leave for the south.

It was and is good to follow the road and let the thoughts come and go. With every kilometer that lies behind us, there is more space for what is to come.

Everything takes time and has its time.

It's good that some roads are so long.

Stopover: Sandhammaren nature reserve

Our campsite, which let us stay a few nights.

Beautiful beach and sea view.

Linger and let your thoughts drift like the clouds.

Meanwhile, Pepper is going crazy in the sand and digging herself to death with joy.

What a pleasure and happiness.

The nights are already fresh and clammy.

It's a good thing that we've additionally covered Micki with insulating mats under the bed and a carpet. Good idea!

Visit Ales Stenar

A strange and mystical place whose purpose has not yet been fully explored. We love that! When something is still open and possible.

High above the sea on a green meadow stands a ship's stone (Swedish Stonehenge). It dates from between 500 and 1,000 AD. What is it?

We are very proud of Pepper at this point. She walked over a cow gate.

That would never have been possible in the past. What can't be done with a lot of calm, trust and love.

Trip Skillinge

Discovered just like that. We liked it.

And when it's at its best, let people move on.

Kind regards Pepper, Tina and Micki


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