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See you in Sweden. Greetings from Malmö.

Two days of rain.

Time for a few lines and pictures.

Monday 22/8/2022 we started after a worming treatment.

Thank you, Silke Heimbüchel, for the fine advice and treatment.

In Norway and Finland, the dog must be wormed. At least 24 hours before and 120 hours at the latest, otherwise it won't cross the border.

That's how it is. And of course, it has to be given by a doctor, registered in the passport, with time and signed.

In Sweden, the person only has to declare the animal at customs. We do it over the internet. But it can also be done on the spot.

In all other EU countries, a rabies vaccination and a perfect EU passport are sufficient. Preferably with a photo.

We have it.

If you travel from Norway to Finland and vice versa, you don't need a new deworming course.

So far.

The plan was to get to Sweden and then to Norway as quickly as possible.

Because of the 120 hours.

But what a stupid idea.

Our vet had given us the tip that in Sweden a vet can also give a worming cure. Of course!

The start was successful and the journey to Sweden went well.

In Cologne we found out the current KM status: 344666

WOW, respect, Micki!

Somehow we were wonderfully slow and enjoyed the stroll.

After all, it was 28 degrees.

So new plan. Slow down and then find a vet in Sweden,

if we want to go to Norway.

The first overnight stay was just right. Simply green.

Lüneburg Heath.

Breathe deeply and enjoy.

The next day towards Denmark. Heat again.

Many breaks and just getting off the freeway.

In Bordesholm we liked it very much.

Made another small detour in Schleswig. Also, good-looking.

Flensburg became our last night in Germany, and we found a free parking place near a shopping center.

Not nice, but we still have a long way to go and have to budget.

We didn't bother with the city. Pepper is not a city tourist.

As a substitute, we made a trip to the dog food store. In Denmark, every dog has to wear a tag with the owner's name and phone number.

The next morning we had a fresh breakfast and bought the last things.

We always have some respect for the border crossings.

After all, we don't know exactly how the customs officers will react to Pepper and vice versa. They probably wear dark uniforms and caps.

And then they could get the idea of reading the chip with this device.

Anyway, we passed the border to Denmark without any checks and immediately fell in love with the country. This vastness and the fine little towns.

Pepper turned a blind eye and we visited Tonder, Mogeltonder and Logumkloster.

But then it was also good.

Because the sea was so close, we settled on Romo.

What an ideal decision.

It was warm and we were on the beach.

Romo brought us sun, wind and sand. Everywhere.

The next morning the rigours gathered and we drove towards Sweden. Via Ribe and Esberg.

The cities are beautiful.

In general, Denmark is full of culture and art.

Wonderful. But nothing for Pepper and that's why we save it.

Everything is just not possible.

We noticed again how difficult large places and many people are for Pepper.

So we ended up in the beautiful marina harbour of Nyborg.

Preparing to cross the Swedish border.

Dog must be registered online. Done.

The harbor, a sight to behold.

After a zoom conference, we crossed the Öresund Bridge to Malmö.

Such a beautiful crossing. Unbelievable. Unforgettable.

The border crossing also went smoothly.

Yesterday we arrived in Malmö with sunshine.

Rain this night and today.

A good opportunity to check if Micki stays dry, to work on the website and to socialize. Cozy and work.

Happiness is, a hot soup and when the Pepper makes a pile despite the rain.

Tonight came the reward.

Now we are in Sweden and are excited about what is to come.

We thank all the people who have contacted us again.

We never report here in advance where the next trip will be.

For security reasons.


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